tracking room

Main live recording room with great acoustics, a nice „wooden“ touch and perfect collection of the best vintage and modern microphones, the most needed instruments and some great amps.

Highlight: mic stand rig mounted on the ceiling (to avoid cable spaghetti on the floor)


Mapex Maple Series | Kick 22" / Snare 14" / Tom 10", 12", 14" | Zildjian Avedis Series ( w/ Sweet Ride) | UFIP Natural Series | and more


cajon | djembe | darbuka | tambourines | shakers | rainmaker | berimbau | cuíca | and many more exotic instruments...


Fender Squire Obey


Godin L.R. Baggs Custom Longscale


Marshall Valvestate S80 | Fender Mustang V5 | MESA Engineering, Boogie | Orange Terror Bass | Ampeg BA 115 T

keys / synths

KORG M1 | KORG Kaossilator Pro |

THE analog recording & mixing studio that will make you sound great

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